International Exchanges

As an independent undergraduate college with international vision, South China Business College (SCBC) has been actively promoting the educational, scientific and cultural exchanges and cooperation with overseas higher-learning institutions since its establishment in 2006.
Now SCBC has developed cooperation and exchange relations with 40 universities and academic institutions in 10 countries, namely, America, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Korea, Japan, Germany, and Spain. With nearly 1,000 students successively participating in different forms of study and/or practice programs in foreign countries, SCBC has cultivated a group of high-quality professional talents who are knowledgeable across both eastern and western cultures as well as proficient in foreign languages. Meanwhile, SCBC has admitted quite a few foreign students from France, Japan, and Korea. As a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, SCBC is getting ready to receive American students from the “100,000 Strong: U.S. Students in China Initiative”. Furthermore, SCBC has formed connections with consulates in Guangzhou and business organizations of foreign countries, including America, Japan, Korea, Spain, Singapore, Holland, and Kuwait.
The foreign exchange and cooperation programs of SCBC include: (1) Student Exchange Program: SCBC and its foreign counterparts send students reciprocally; (2) Research and Study Program: SCBC sends students to its foreign counterparts for short-term studies and academic exchanges; (3) Further Study Program: SCBC students apply to study BA or MA programs in its foreign counterparts; (4) Internships or Practice in foreign countries: SCBC students participate in “Work & Travel in America”, short-term internships in Japan, etc.; (5) Overseas Summer Camps: There are various summer camps, including Cultural Experience in Korea, Short-term Training Camp in Japan, Travel and Study Camp in England and West Europe, and Romantic Travel Camp in France.
SCBC has set up its own Study Abroad Foundation with an appropriation of RMB 1.3 million Yuan to assist those who are excellent both in character and learning but financially inadequate to study abroad.
Telephone: 020-22245452;22245830

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